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Fawless Designs For Lifes Most Important Occasion With Exceptional Service, Innovative Designs/ Decorations - We're MS

We Were Founded 15 Years Ago In Koottilanghadi,Keeram Kundu As A Small Rental Organization. We Used To Take Care Of Over 10,000+ Medium Scale To Small Events. Gradually We Built And Expanded Our Rental Business According To Client Trust. Therefore, We Are Happy To Say That We Are Being An Important Part Of Mega-Events, Hospital Seminars, Corporate Programs, Medical, Scientific, And Industrial Conferences, We Also Managed School State Youth Festivals, District-Sub District Youth Festivals,Inter-Zone, And See Zone College Festivals. We Were Also Serviced In Visual Media, Print Media Exhibitions, And Political Party Events. In Between, We Moved Our Organization To The Capital District Malappuram For Ease Of Access To Our Customers 10 Years Ago. Due To The Fact That The Equipment Being Delayed And The Materials And Accessories Not Up To Date We Thought About Us And The Smaller People Like Us Having A Huge Waiting Period We Gathered Resources And With Trust And Support From Other People Like Us We Started MS Agencies (Malabar Sounds). 

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Our Vision Is To As The Same The Best Cities In India In This Segment And To Be Up To Date, Affordable And Be Available For Any Personals With The Best Servicing Offered With Trust And Honesty By We Here At MS Agencies (Malabar Sounds). 

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